LITA launched last week a series of workshops in different parts of Lebanon. Starting in Saida on the 1st April, passing by Tripoli (2nd April) and ending in Beirut (5th April). These workshops handling different parts of Data Protection and Information Security,

were a must to increase awareness and engage people to to be more vigilante and careful.

The workshop started with Mr. Fahd Batayneh and a presentation on “Whois in the context of GDPR”.






Mr. Toni Feghaly, one of the leaders in Information Security field in Lebanon, presented new cyber security’s concepts in GDPR.

Dr. Mona Al Achkar Jabbour President of LITA, talked about recovering control of personal data.


Pr. Antoine Melki at Balamand, showed the relation between open source to open internet governance.


Mrs. Josephine Yammine, Expert APTIC and Consultant TICE, explained how GDPR will affect schools and how Lebanese schools are dealing with the new technology.


Amina Hadid and Jean-Marie El Bacha, from LITA Youth, lighted on the benefits of personal data exposure and showed that these benefits are for the companies and platforms and not for the end users.