LITA launched last week a series of workshops in different parts of Lebanon.

Starting in Saida on the 1st April, passing by Tripoli (2nd April) and ending in Beirut (5th April). These workshops handling different parts of Data Protection and Information Security, were a must to increase awareness and engage people to to be more vigilante and careful.




On the 1st April, the workshop organized was on capacity building for protection of DNS in order to contribute to better cyber security environment.



The workshop provided a deep analysis and training on abuses and misuses of DNS as well as, the use of various strategies, techniques and tools to handle those abuses related to malicious registrations of domain names, IP addresses, web hosts …




President of LITA, Dr. Mona Al Achkar Jabbour, Mr. Fahd Batayneh stakeholder at ICANN and Mr. Tony Feghali specialist in Information Security talked about the latest DNS hacking widespread attacks, C&C and spam detection through DNS analysis and DNS data exfiltration.